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Two ranges of tools are available, and the one you choose will depend on your handles. Of the two types of handle, one has a 1/2" internal bore which suits the standard Exocet, and the other a 5/8" internal bore which suits the Super Exocet. Each comes in three sizes, and the turning tools are available with either a 1/2" or 5/8" shaft and as single- or double-ended tools. The 5/8"-shaft tools have both bowl- and spindle-gouge tips from 5/8" down to 1/4", and the 1/2"-shaft tool bowl and spindle gouge tips go down from 1/2" to 1/4". The double-ended tools have a bowl gouge tip at one end and the same-diameter spindle tip at the other, although, if you only use one kind of bowl or spindle, there should be a facility to buy a shaft and choose your own tips.

Cutting tips & shafts

The gouge tips are 50mm (2") long and are made from the same special powdered-metallurgy steel as the Exocet hollowing tool tips — said to last about four times longer than conventional M2 HSS.

A hole in the underside locates to a corresponding metal on the shaft. The tip is glued in place using Loctite 609, an industrial-strength adhesive. To replace a tip, simply heat up the tip joint with a blow torch. The adhesive will then release its hold and turn to powder. Once cold, wipe this off and affix a new tip.

The shafts are created from ‘spun’ stainless steel which is said to be ‘anti-harmonic’. This means it will dampen vibration, so it makes for easier cutting. This is in part due to the fact that the shaft is a constant diameter and solid, except when turned down to accept tips that are smaller than the diameter of the shaft.

Hence, 1/2" shafted tools can only have tips up to 1/2" diameter and so on. They are not sharpened, but do have a profile on the end so that effectively, then, they are blanks ready for you to profile and sharpen. The bowl gouge tips have a deep- flute profile that is a cross between a V and a U in shape. It can be ground to form a. conventional tip profile, ground square across, and forms an excellent fine swept-back profile.

They sharpen well on a conventional white aluminium oxide wheel and form an exceptional edge when honed. The spindle gouges have a shallower flute, making them more of a hybrid flute profile between a standard bowl gouge and a spindle gouge, and can be ground to your preferred tip profile. Because they are tips and are secured on a solid shaft, there is no reason why these cannot be used on bowl or faceplate work as well.

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