Exocet Tools

The standard tool consists of a high tensile stainless steel bar, a double-ended dolphin nose cutter, an adjustable cutter guide, a stainless steel tube handle with Neoprene DuPont grip and a plastic/nylon sleeve.

Some of the configurations available are shown in the photo.

Supertool with long handle and 5/8" super shaft
Supertool with standard handle and 5/8" super shaft
Supertool with standard handle and 1/2" shaft

Manufactured from the same material as the handle, the extension handle has an eccentric locking system on one end that will lock into the back of the handle. Extra handles may be added to further extend the length of the tool — a useful feature when deep cutting.

To reach into even more unaccessable places you can add the cobra head. This is an offset tool bar which will take the cutter and cutter guides of the standard tool.

In the photo from top to bottom:
Extension handle for the standard Exocet handle
Super Cobra shaft 5/8"
1/2" Cobra shaft
Super shaft 5/8"
1/2" Shaft
Stiffening tube for full length heavy hollowing

Double ended handle 5/8" on one end and 1/2" on other end, both with excentric locking.

The handle grip is made off a special grade stainless steel tube with Neoprene DuPont high grade the no-plastic rubber for durability, grip, anti-slip and friction absorbtion. This is easy to clean with no maintenance and the handle locking device has a pressed knurled eccentric fitting for locking the tool bar.

The Cutting tip has two cutting ends as well as side cutting ability (double-ended tip). Two types are available, the Dolphin nose (standard) and the round nose, both of which are made from high grade, D2 special steel developed for the Exocet and sharpened with a diamond hone.

The tip cover is made from stainless steel 303, designed to be fully adjustable and durable. The unique keel design forces the chips through the aperture. A nylon locking system has been used for both the cover thumb adjusting wheel and cover screw to prevent loosening when turning.

The depth of the cut is controlled by adjusting the position of the covering nose.

The ballnose tool is used for smooth and slower cut speed

The eliptical or dolphin nose tool is used for higher speed cutting and also to achieve sharp angle cuts.

The stiffening bar fits over the standard shaft to give a longer reach and eliminate harmonics and vibration in the shaft.
Excentric locking systems for 5/8" and 1/2" shafts.
Chisel adaptor for any size chisel with 8 alan key locking screws.
Units in stainless steel or mild steel for 1/2" and 5/8" tools.
The chisel adaptor can also fit any chisel, squar or round.

Pouch for 1/2" complete system
Pouch for 1/2" Exocet set
Pouch for 1/2" Exocet tool

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