The Art and the Tool

Exocet is the name of a deep hollowing and turning tool designed by Harry Memelink.

The Exocet is the most refined ‘shielded’ hollowing tool available developed for hollowing out vessels, side or end grain, as conventional gouges cannot be used for this purpose.

The Exocet is manufactured by Link Technology 2000 Ltd from Wellington, New Zealand.

The Exocet tool

The Exocet is available as a standard and a super tool. The main difference being in the thickness of the tool shaft and the length of handles available. The super tool utilizes a 5/8" shaft and the standard tool a 1/2" shaft.

The standard and super tool tool consists of a high tensile steel bar/shaft, a double-ended dolphin/elliptcal nose cutter or round nose cutter, an adjustable cutter guide, a stainless steel tube handle with Neoprene DuPont anti-vibration grip.

In the Exocet range there are various attachments and configurations available for different hollowing and turning jobs.


The Exocet is a superb tool to use, allowing you to safely plunge into end grain and cross grain without fear of digging-in. Another pleasure in using this tool is the way the shavings are all directed downward away from the face of the turner. As a general the dolphin nose is best for dry hard woods and burrs, with the round nose for wet softer woods.

The cover and keil system over the tip is designed to be fully adjustable for fine and course cutting and is made of stainless steel.

Turntech Tools

The Exocet tool range is also extended to incorporate the TurnTech tool range, manufactured by Link Technology 2000 Ltd. All turntech tools's shafts are made of spun high tensile stainless steel.

The TurnTech tools have bowl- and spindle-gouge tips from 5/8" down to 1/4". The gouge tips are 50mm (2") long and are made from the same special powdered-metallurgy steel as the Exocet hollowing tool tips — said to Artwork last about four times longer than conventional M2 HSS.
The Turntech tool range is used in combination with Exocet handles to give the user a lot of control, of a sort that is unobtainable with wooden-handled tools.


The Exocet is a well thought out and engineered tool, it makes the removal of unwanted wood in vessels very fast and safe. The Exocet can be used as a bowl nesting tool as you can cut out the centre core of large logs and bowl blanks quite easily.

Article on Exocet by Stephen Cooper in The Woodworker Magazine
Article on Turntech tools by Mark Baker in Woodturning Magazine

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